A Winter Garden


This is a new short course to bridge the gap between Winter Remedy and Spring Fling. The end of February can be such a tricky time when Winter is lingering and Spring is not quite here yet. It can feel like a time of so much planning and hope for the rest of the year, but at the same time we can feel really dragged down by what has been and the grip of a long winter…

This short course will be a burst of hope, positivity, and promise; inspiring you to focus on all the good as we look forward to spring!

We will be releasing winter, setting intentions, planning a spring garden (however big or small), exploring herbs, trees and flowers, connecting with the nature that is around us in the moment, and using mindfulness as a powerful tool for nurture our well being.

There will be journalling exercises, simple creative prompts, gardening ideas, herbalism, nature based mindfulness and nature connections, moon work, daily affirmations and more, as well as some art, literature and poetry to inspire you.

You will receive beautiful and positive 5 emails across 5 days, plus an invitation to join a live online circle where you will be able to connect to myself, the wonderful Claire who leads our circles and all the other participants in a real time safe and held space.

This has been bubbling away for a couple of years and I am so excited to see it come to fruition! Sign up today for only £5 and share with your friends while it is still 50% off!

I really hope you will join me for this, where we will be cultivating and nurturing our own winter gardens, full of calm joy, planning and excitement, intentions and affirmations and a magical and soulful sense of wonder!


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